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Adopt a Horse
Give Your Favorite Horse a Great Summer!

Looking forward to summer? Our horses are, too, but they won't be on vacation....

Summer is our busiest season here at Horse SenseAbility with daily lessons, 2 weeks of City to Saddle and another 2 weeks of Horse Tales:

  • City to Saddle is our free horse camp for 6 to 13 year olds from low-income families

  • Horse Tales is our reading and riding camp for children entering 4th and 5th grade

Whether or not you'll be coming to the farm this summer, you can make sure your favorite horse has the best care (e.g., feed, hay, medical care, hoof trimming, nutritional supplements) possible this June, July and August so they'll be happy, healthy and rarin' to go.

When you adopt a horse, you'll get an email update right "from your horse's mouth" each month! The adoption deadline is Monday, June 20th to coincide with the beginning of our summer session.

Hover over each horse's photo to learn more about them.


Calli is a Thoroughbred who raced for 3 years. She’s 22 years old and 16 hands tall. Calli is the princess of Wildstar and adores being pampered in every way.


Diesel is a big boy with a big heart. He's 14 and a Gypsy Drum. He's our "steady Eddie" gelding and loves everyone and everything (especially food)!


Our "glorious" Gypsy Cob mare Glory has a heart of gold. She's 22 years old and the proud mother of Pippin. Glory is the perfect mount for anyone aged 2 to 102!


Hailey is a Fjord, a type of pony that originally came from Norway, She has a classic two-color mane and subtly striped legs. Hailey loves to nuzzle and follow people.


Although Hugo is very small, he has a huge personality with lots of love and comfort to give. Hugo is specially trained for visiting people who can benefit from animal-assisted therapy.


Patrick has a long graceful stride suitable for both new and advanced riders. In addition to being an all-round good guy, Patrick’s background includes foxhunting with the local club.


Pippin was born on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) in 2014. It’s hard to keep Pippin away, particularly when you have treats in your pocket. Like his mother Glory, Pippin is a Gypsy Cob.


Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo? At Horse SenseAbility of course! Romeo is a Fell pony, which is the same type of pony that Queen Elizabeth rides. 


Ruby is the perfect pony for our smallest riders. Like Glory and Pippin, Ruby is a Gypsy Cob with a super sweet temperament. She's particularly cute when she wiggles her nose!

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