Calli is a stunning dark bay Thoroughbred who raced for 3 years on the eastern seaboard. She’s 20 years old and 16 hands tall. Calli is the princess of Wildstar. She relishes being pampered in every way—grooming, muzzle trimming, glitter pedicures, massages, braiding—you name it, she loves it!


Dazzle is our dazzling 14-year old, 16 hand American Warmblood mare. She’s had a career in show jumping before joining the herd at Wildstar Farm. Dazzle is sweet as can be and just wants to be "in your pocket."


Diesel is a big boy with a big heart. He's 11 and a Gypsy Drum, which is a cross between a Gypsy Cob and a Shire draft horse. He's our "steady Eddie" gelding and loves everyone and everything!


Morning Glory is our "glorious" Gypsy Cob mare who has a heart of gold. Glory is 20 years old and the mother of Pippin (see below). Glory is the perfect mount for anyone aged 2 to 102! Glory’s bountiful hair is only surpassed by her son's. And don’t let Glory’s small size (14.1 hands) fool you—she’s a mighty girl who’s bodacious from behind!

Hemingway aka "Hemi"

Believe it or not, this 16.2 big bay fella is a Mustang! Adopted out of the mountains of Northern California, 12-year-old Hemingway enjoys long trail rides, flirting with the girls in the next paddock over, and sharing peanut butter and apple sandwiches with his owner.


Hugo is a purebred UK Shetland Pony and is on long-term loan to Horse SenseAbility from Personal Ponies specifically for visiting people who might benefit from animal-assisted therapy. Although Hugo is small—he's only 32" at the shoulder—he has a huge personality and lots of love and comfort to give. Polly and Hugo are a registered therapy team with Pet Partners and visit schools and organizations in the local area.


At 25+, Patrick is the patriarch of the herd. Standing 16.1 hands, Patrick has a graceful, large stride suitable for both beginners and advanced riders. In addition to being an all-round good guy, Patrick’s schedule includes hunting regularly with the Norfolk Hunt Club.


Little Miss Layla is a coming 5-year-old rescued Quarter horse mare with the looks to turn heads and a sweet personality to match. She is very friendly and will always come to the gate when you call her name so if you show up to the barn and need a gal pal to gossip with, give her a call and she'll come running!


Pippin, aka Wildstar Eclipse, is the home-grown baby of the farm. Born on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) in 2014, Pippin is now in training under saddle. It’s hard to keep Pippin away because all he wants to do is snuggle. At 5, Pippin is still too young for mounted work in our programs but perfect for horsemanship on the ground. Like his mother Glory, Pippin is a Gypsy Cob.


Ruby is the newest addition to the Horse SenseAbility herd. At 11 years old and only 13.1 hands, she's the perfect mount for our smallest riders. Like Glory and Pippin, Ruby is a Gypsy Cob with a super sweet temperament.

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