Arlo is an 8-year-old Black Lab who is certified as a therapy dog both by Dog B.O.N.E.S. and Pet Partners. Arlo has been making therapy visits since he was 8 months old. Children particularly love his joyous kisses!


With 14 chickens, we can't profile them individually. Suffice it to say that they add a comical sideshow to our other activities with their constant cacophony.


In typical goat form, Cooper has no idea he's not the leader of the Wildstar pack. He's by far the biggest goat anyone has ever seen, towering over his stallmate Hugo!


Hamilton is our illusive cat who was adopted from the Animal Rescue League. He rarely makes his presence known, stealthily venturing to the barn for food in the middle of the night. No promises that you'll ever see him!

Johnny Cashew

Cashew is the latest addition to our menagerie. He is a Flemish Giant Rabbit who will grow to 20+ lbs. Cashew and Peanut hang out together in the office with their "staff" (Polly & Sarah).


Lexi is a mixed breed who was rescued from Alabama at the age of 9 weeks. You'll hear her incessant bark and see her exuberant self over the fence when you're here at Wildstar Farm.


Lucas was a feral street cat until he came to live at Wildstar Farm. He gets up to and down from the barn loft by jumping through the hay drops!


Peanut is another adoptee from the Animal Rescue League. Her name reflects her small stature. While she doesn't want to be cooped in a house, Peanut is happy to rub against you and let you pet her.

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Horse SenseAbility is a program of Wildstar Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 82-2801705).

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