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Our Programs

Girl riding horse in Horse SenseAbility Therapeutic Riding Program

Therapeutic Riding & Horsemanship

Therapeutic riding and horsemanship lessons are available for children and adults with one or more of the following characteristics: autism spectrum disorder; emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues; experience with violence, abuse or trauma; or are at-risk. When participants can steer or lead a horse independently, lessons may include exploring our outdoor, wooded, interactive Discovery Trail.


City to Saddle

City To Saddle gives 6 to 13 year olds from underserved communities a chance to interact with horses and other farm animals in a relaxing rural setting.​ Each day, participants groom the horses, learn about horse care, do barn chores, enjoy a horse-related creative activity and take a riding or horsemanship lesson. This week-long, half-day summer program is funded by generous private donations so the only charge to families is a $15 enrollment fee. ​

Summer Only

Hugo & Megan_cropped.png

Horse Tales

Summer Only

Horse Tales is a one-week reading and riding program designed for students who will be entering 4th, 5th or 6th grade students. Each day, children participants care for, ride, and spend time working with horses. Participants will also explore books and videos about some fascinating famous horses. The program is specifically tailored to who could benefit from and enjoy practicing their literacy skills in a fun environment over the summer.

Adult standing with two horses in Horse SenseAbility's Wildstar Wrangers program

Wildstar Wranglers

Wildstar Wranglers helps 18 to 25 year-olds with Autism Spectrum Disorder prepare for future employment and engage in meaningful work in a safe, supportive, supervised environment. This vocational program teaches basic job skills required in any work setting, such as showing up on time, following directions, checking your work, accepting and giving feedback, identifying and initiating additional work that needs to be done, and communicating effectively with co-workers and supervisors.

Child reaching for an object while riding a horse in Horse SenseAbility's Physical Therapy with Horses program

Occupational Therapy with Horses

Our occupational therapy sessions incorporate equine movement into an individual’s treatment plan. This strategy, called hippotherapy, is tailored to the needs of each patient and includes work in the clinic, the barn, the spacious indoor arena and on the interactive outdoor Discovery Trail. 

Child feeding a pony out of a bucket in Horse SenseAbility's Community Visits program

Community Visits

We offer visits by our registered therapy pony Hugo to schools, recreational/enrichment programs and social service organizations within a 30-minute radius of Sherborn, MA. There is no charge for these visits but a donation is always welcome. Hugo and Polly are registered as a therapy team with the national Pet Partners organization.

3 horses stsanding together in the snow wearing blankets

Field Trips and Farm Tours

Schools and other organizations can schedule small group visits to Horse SenseAbility at Wildstar Farm. The included activities and charge for this unique experience depends on the number and ages of the participants as well as the length of the visit.

Custom Programs

We are happy to design a custom weekly, multi-day or weeklong program for your school, organization or workplace. To discuss the possibilities, please contact us.

Benefits of Equine-Assisted Services

Horses are dynamic, sensitive animals that communicate through the subtle use of body language. They respond to situations by giving immediate, honest feedback without judgement. Working with these large and powerful creatures naturally creates an opportunity for individuals to overcome fear, develop self-confidence and improve self-awareness. 

Equine-assisted activities and therapy:

  • Fosters patience and empathy

  • Deepens the ability to trust and relate to others

  • Increases control over frustration and anger

  • Develops a strong work ethic

  • Improves social and communication skills

  • Builds self-esteem and self-regulation


Participants often perceive therapeutic riding and horsemanship as a more positive experience than traditional therapy, serving as a strong motivator in achieving their therapeutic goals.

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